Survival Series Starts in days!

I am going to start to record TheMashUps100’s possibly today and will notify you when it is up on YouTube.  But what would you like to see?  Should I make a new world with a random seed, or Make a tree house in the middle of a jungle biome (I already have an awesome seed for that.  Of course at the end of the series I will kill the ender dragon too. So tell me what you want and I will start filming.  I strongly suggest the jungle biome though.

Happy Mining,


The Colossal Cave Adventure

Last weekend my uncle Christopher came up to see us. While he was there I showed him Assassins creed Brotherhood and he told me about a game he used to play in the 70’s, this game was called Colossal cave adventure.

After he babbled on about what computers were like in the 70’s, we found a download and played it together.  You might think this game is stupid because it has no ”graphics” but it is Not and makes you think more than Assassin’s creed ever did.  All’s you think about in most games these days is ‘How am I going to kill him?’


This game gives you a description of where you are and your surroundings, for example:

You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building.  Around you is a forest.  A small stream flows out of the building and down the gully.

The object of the game is to go into the colossal cave, and come back to the brick building with the treasure.  Simple?  NO


For all you people out there who only use computers to do status updates on face book, don’t know what cmd is, or don’t own a computer (I don’t know how you are reading this).  TURN BACK NOW.  Because half the fun of the game is thinking of commands to move to the next place.

I would rate this game 7/10 because it is a really fun game and also makes you think about what it was like playing computer games when pixels were as big as the palm of your hand.

TheMashUps100 WILL make a walk-through for this.



Ken Block: Gymkhana Five: Ultimate urban playground; San Francisco

This is who I want to drive like when i’m older. Sorry Dad but you don’t get air when you go over a hill like that do you? And don’t worry Mr police man, I won’t be a boy racer when I’m older. Look at this guy! He’s broken a world record and is a very skilled driver, people think that they’re good at driving just because they got their A licence on Grand Turismo. (A racing game.) Do you want to drive like him? talk to me in the comments.


Me and my friend Cameron have finally made our account TheMashUps100, so IT IS HAPPENING.  I would like to say that anyone who will watch our channel can suggest games to us and we may make a walk-through for them.                TheMashUps100 avatar

Here’s the list so far:

Assassins creed series

Order And Chaos Online (Ipad)

Ipad/Ipod Games

Minecraft survival and tutorials

Need for speed Shift

Age Of Empires series

Possibly Jak and Daxter: Which is a very special game because it was my first.

Cheats: Please suggest




Not much but you can help us! Cameron and I love a good 3rd person, action/adventure game, MMO’s and RPG’s.  These are the games I want to do so Cameron will have some more.  If you really want, we might be able to get YOU on an episode, commentating with us.


“Speak to me, or speak to God…” Assassins creed 1 walkthrough about to begin!

Me and my friend Cameron are going to start a walkthrough for the Assassins creed games from beginning to the end starting with (duh) Assassins Creed (1). Our name is The Mash-ups.

Desmond Miles is a man who was raised to be an assassin, but ran away, seeking a normal life. Abstergo capture Desmond and force him to use a machine called the animus. The animus is a machine that goes through your blood and your brain to find the memories of you and your ancestors. Abstergo want your memories so they can find something…

You live in the animus as your ancestor Altair Ibn-La’Ahad an assassin who has lost his ranks by not following the brotherhood rules. You must make a deal with Al Mualim, the mentor of Masyaf castle where Altair and the brotherhood lives. The deal is that you must kill nine “wrongdoers” in the city’s all around Jerusalem. After every target you go back to Al Mualim for one of your ranks to be restored, when this happens Altair gets his sword back or another weapon. You soon discover that you were lucky to have been so stupid and naughty because when you come back from the ninth things change.

You can also do things to unlock memories and when you’ve done them all altair gets a cross bow.

Some of this is not completely true because I want you to watch our walkthroughs and not give much away.

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Assassin’s creed 2

For my birthday I got Assassin’s creed 2! So far I am up to sequence 3 and will probably release a video walk through series.  I have played and clocked (Finished) the first one great game but this beats it by far. I would rate this from 1 to 10 a 9 because the graphics are awesome, its such a free roaming game, and in SOME places very realistic.  But I think they could of added a whole lot more weapons. here are the updates from the firs game:

1. Way better graphics

2. Heaps more weapons, fighting moves, ect.

3. A bigger world to run around in

4. You can swim now!

5. More missions

6. Money, looting and pick pocketing.

So there you have it a great game here is the trailer.

P.S For any Teachers out there who think this game is ”inappropriate” it also has accurate information on Templars, People and buildings.

Thanks, Jordan

Rugby World Cup 2011

Hello Rugby fans! I am going to recommend a place in the south island for you to hopefully, visit while you’re going around New New Zealand.  All of these recommendations will be in Christchurch and Queenstown.  Willow Bank, (a wild life reserve.)   (while you’re there if you’re interested in Maori culture you should go and check out Ko Tane!, its in Willow Bank.)  Air Force Museum, (a museum thats all about Air Force stuff.)  Hira Arts, (art and painting place.) Now here is an activity to do for the day.  Trails of Middle Earth, in Queens town, unlike all the others. ‘The only place where you can put on suits and armour from the movies.’

this is where I got my information from:–south-island/attractions-and-activities/


The Never Hood

When I was Six My uncle came round to, probably help Dad with something. While he was there he put a game called ‘The Never Hood’ on Dads computer. My uncle taught me how to play and stuff for the rest of the time he was here, He also taught me a bit about how they made it, (They made it with clay,) until I could play by my self.  Once I had finished the Game, (with a little help from my uncle) I played it again about 5 to 7 times. This is a very old game so you wont be able to buy it unless it is second hand.  I realy enjoyed this game, and just found out there is a sequel!, but it’s for Play Staition 1. If you think you would like to play this game, have a chat to Me in the comments.




H Day 025Hi! My name is hanky the hobo! I was born in California and grew up
with my friend, Hinamin Hudges. Me and Hinamin once owned a company. The company was called BABES U.S.A, it was a stock car company. Every thing was going well until Jimmy Mc losentosh betted that the world would end on the 10.10.2011. We very stupidly betted back. Long story short, we won the bet but he sued us for our company and everything we had. Somehow we boarded a boat: The Queen Mary. We sailed to New Zealand on the boat. We then went to Raumati beach, weka park. In a box. Our favourite foods are stolen lolies and McDonalds. we will be back, WATCH THIS SPACE…