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Hello Miners and Dwarves,
I have been filming hard out over the last week, and I’ve probably covered 5-7 hours, maybe more? I would like to ask a question though, I have a lot of iron, coal and wood and I have some things I would like to do. I want to find a jungle temple, find a desert temple, and find a dungeon so I can make a good mob spawner and get lots o’ stuff. What should I do first? For those of you who are wondering, I have made an awesome tree house in a Jungle biome (and I just might leak you some pictures before the video’s start pouring out).

Any more suggestions would be much appreciated.
Happy mining,

5 thoughts on “Survival series

  1. Hello Jordan have you got a mineshaft yet? If not you should make one (recommended 5 by 5 with a floor every 15 blocks down and a 3 block wide ladder in the middle with a 2 block high passage that go’s 20 blocks on every one of the 4 sides of the room on every floor)
    you should find a mob spawner by doing that.
    Happy mining.

  2. Neo,
    Thanks I have already found a series of natural caves, and have a couple of stacks of iron. Yesterday I found a monster spawner and it is a skeleton spawner! So I can get heaps of arrows.
    Happy mining,

  3. Hi Jordan!
    I think it is cool you are making a Minecraft series! I am thinking of making one, but I can’t decide between a Tekkit series, Survival series, or a Let’s Build series. Which one do you think, because I am tilting towards Tekkit, but I’m worried about the lag.

    I think you should launch an expedition in a desert or jungle biome to find a temple. From what I’ve seen, they’re really cool. What you should do is make a temple (If you find one) into your AWESOME house. That’s what I would do.

    Just 1 finial tip for your series, I lost 8 diamonds worth of stuff this morning. =( So don’t mine the block directly under you, EVER!

    Happy Mining, Antonio

    P.S. Try this Tekkit server: creeper.geekcraft.25529

    P.P.S. If that doesn’t work google creeper.geekcraft, choose the Tekkit Server List one, and find the IP adress there!

  4. Antonio,
    WOW longest and bestest comment EVER! Thank you for your ideas, I will use them if I find anything. Once apon a Minecraft world I was roaming around the caves with my diamonds and gold, also iron. I was digging down looking for ore, and I too fell in lava. I remember that I just froze for a minute, then got really annoyed with myself. I hate lava too.

  5. Once apon a tekkit day, Antonio and I were searching for ore and gems, then suddenly we found Diamond under obsidion,
    Connor went for it, I dug the the block out underneath him by accident revealing LAVA!!! he fell in and died, sadly he had most of our stuff and our diamonds.

    CLASH_12 WAS HERE!!!!!

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